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People meet us now and have no idea of our past. 
We ignored our problems until they became too big.
People meet us now and have no idea of our past. 
We ignored our problems until they 
became too big.
Sean and Mendy Ruthrauff
Marriage.  Am I Right?
Marriage takes work. Serious work.  Sure, things started off great. We were full of fun, hopes, and dreams. We had done the premarital counseling, stayed well-connected in a church, and we were surrounded by incredibly encouraging friends. Our first son was born a couple of years into marriage, and 4 years later, our second son. Then life started happening. We didn't really see it coming as it wasn't a sudden event. It was more of a slow, sad fade and before we knew it...
We woke up one day and realized we were so far apart.
What happened to the friendship between us? What happened to the fun? We had been married 12 years and realized we were in a bad spot. We began counseling and saw a wide variety of counselors.  A few were good, one was not so good.  We took an intensive marriage course and even went to a marriage conference. Did not go well for us. 

The quick version is that Sean moved out, God spoke to each of us and through A LOT of hard work, we renewed our vows 18 months after Sean moved out.

We are now 13 years past that difficult time period.  Guess what.  It has been amazing to see healing.  Sean went back to school to receive a masters in counseling.  He has used his schooling and what God taught him to help countless families.  
After our own experience
After our own experience
....and Sean's years of helping many relationships, we have identified steps needed to stabilize and then thrive. It is our passion to impact marriages that are struggling. 
what we do
We help transform dying relationships into ones that thrive. We were there ourselves and promise you, there is hope
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Downloadable resources
Need tools and strategies for a struggling relationship? Whether you are both seeking help or just one of you,  check out our  ebook for helpful tips with actionable steps  regarding self care, boundaries, better communication, healthy emotions, and how to set proper expectations.
Video Curriculum
Gain access to a self-paced video study based on years of counseling experience, focusing on conflict resolution, improved communication, boundaries, fostering forgiveness and intimacy.  Utilizing worksheets following each module, couples are guided to apply concepts taught. 
Personal Coaching
If you are interested in a more interactive approach as you work towards a healthier relationship,  Sean has limited spaces for 1:1 online or in person appointments. 
Options include bi-weekly or weekly 90-minute appointments, multi-day marriage intensives, or a combination of these options. 
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Get started with our ebook that lists the top 5 things you can do for your struggling marriage!
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